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History and Tradition

In late February of 1957, Jose Sacramento Mendez left his family in Zamora de Hidalgo, Michoacán. With the ambition of finding work he traveled through various cities including Laredo, Texas, before settling in Santa Monica, California.

In Southern California, Jose S Mendez obtained many labor positions for various companies such as a shoe factory, a rug factory and a well known chocolate factory. His experience at the chocolate factory evoked the desire to start his own business which would materialize in the years to come. In time Jose and a friend at Las Dos Aguilas bakery came to an agreement to allow him to use their kitchen. There Jose made candies with recipes stemming back two generations. The Las Dos Aguilas bakery began stocking the product. In time, between the income from the bakery and street vending he gained enough resources to rent out a space and establish his own kitchen.

At the summer’s end of 1963 Jose launched his kitchen in East Los Angeles near Soto and Whittier Blvd only to relocate in the area of Union Pacific and Downey. Between 1964 and 1972 hardship and struggles would pay off when his wife and children; Jesus, Jose, Maria, Carmen and Vicente, would relocate from Mexico to the United States.

During the 1980’s the kitchen’s transition into a factory would call 5110 East Olympic its home. There the progression of the fifth generation of candy makers would continue to enhance products, process, and packaging thus preserving their family tradition. The La Zamorana family will mark their 50th anniversary serving family and friends in Southern California area and throughout the United States.



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